Why Banc De Binary Is One of the Best Brokers You Should Trust

If you start to think about trading with binary options, you’ve got to think about brokers first. This will be when you have found the basics of binary options, understood it and led to choose the right broker for you. You have been led here because of searching for the best broker to put your faith in. Banc De Binary is one of the brokers that you should trust.

There are lots of reasons why. Starting with their basic information, Banc De Binary was operating their trade online since 2009, which was also the year that the company was founded by Oren Laurent, who is also the company’s CEO. They are headquartered in Cyprus and under license by CySEC.

The trading platform they use is SpotOptions. The bonus they reward newly registered traders with is 100%, with max returns at 91%.

Every registered trader is required to deposit a minimum of $250 into their account, while the minimum investment required from them is $1 and its max is $6000. The currencies they trade with are either GBP, EUR and USD. The broker also offers mobility – a way to access the broker anywhere and anytime through the mobile app. All countries except the US accept traders. You will know more about why US is exempted from the list later.

The advantages of registering with Banc De Binary is that it comes with an excellent deposit bonus, varied options to choose from, amazing returns, user-friendly interface and only requires a small investment. The only disadvantage is that not a single client from the US is allowed to register and trade with the broker. This is due to the regulatory issues on 2 continents, which resulted in barring them from accepting customers from the US. They were charged with a couple of offenses by SEC and CFTC. However, their operations are still intact and has not affected their reputation and reliability that much. They still have gathered a lot of praise from their customers. Keep in mind that their barring from accepting US customers was done voluntarily by the company itself. You will also likely hear other allegations against the company, but most of them are unfounded.

What you should be really wary about is the scam that is associated with Banc De Binary. It is not really the company that has the problem, but the trading systems that makes use of their name. There are a lot of trading systems that promises no risk to the client and even use big names to further promote their agenda. The only reliable trading robot that Banc De Binary recommends is binaryoptionrobot.com or customers can directly create a new account at their official website.

They are a legit company and their license is given by CySEC based in Cyprus. For traders based outside Europe, BDB Services are the ones operating the company, under the IFSC license number IFSC/60/352/TS/15.

Banc De Binary’s name is often mentioned together with 24Option, TradeRush and anyoption, 3 of the most popular and reliable brokers in the binary options industry.

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Is Banc De Binary Worthy Of Your Trust?

Trading in Binary Options is quite the risk. Every trader knows how highly volatile this kind of trade is. However, because of this reason, its return on investment is quite high, too, especially when you make the right prediction. This is also why only traders that love to gamble or take high risks would be engaging in this kind of trade. However, this is a kind of trade that is open for all. In order to successfully trade with binary options, you should find a broker. One of these brokers is Banc De Binary.

Banc De Binary has been in business for over six years already. The company was founded in the year 2009 by their founder and CEO Oren Laurent. A lot of traders trust Banc De Binary because its key features are aplenty. The most significant key feature of Banc De Binary is their experience, which is evident from the start of their operations. They have made a lot of improvements since that year they started, even upgraded their website recently and adapted to the needs of the investors in order to give them a good experience. They listen much to the needs of their clients, which is why the company itself has reached heights that you witness today. Not a lot of broker can get that far, especially if they do not care for the needs of their clients.

If you barely have any time to trade or even trade at any place at any time, you can make use with their mobile app. Every broker these days got one and mostly available for free. Banc De Binary makes sure that their client feels the convenience with the services they offer. Bonuses are offered by the company, too. A lot of traders said that they were not disappointed with the bonuses provided by the broker. Newly registered traders are given the sign up bonus, which can get as high as 100%, although it depends on the first deposit made by the trader. But the bonuses, key features and whatnot are not the only things you want to learn about, right?

Hard facts are what you are looking for. The things that make traders feel secure is when their broker is a legit one and not a scam.

Banc De Binary, as you may have already known, is an enterprise that specialized in binary options trading on various assets which includes forex, indices, stocks and commodities. Other brokers like anyoption, 24Option and TradeRush are of similar operations as well and all of them are very reputable brokers in the business of binary options.

In the case with Banc De Binary, they are licensed by CySEC, Italy’s CONSOB and UK’s FCA. You will find their license viewable online and even their license number as well. You can get information about its founder, Oren Laurent, who is also the CEO of the company.

The reason that it may be not trusting to other traders is because they do not accept traders from the US, which started back in August 2013.

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Is Banc De Binary Really A Scam?

First of all, you know how popular Banc De Binary is, right? But you won’t be easily convinced about popularity. There are systems in binary options trading out there that are very popular and yet it turned out to be a scam. But there are huge differences between those trading systems that you’ve met and the operations behind Banc De Binary. The company is not a scam.

They have been operating their business since 2010, and the company was even founded the year before that. It is a private type of company and is specialized in binary options trading dealing with assets like stocks, foreign exchange, commodities and indices.

The company’s headquarters is at Limassol, Cyprus and the CEO is Oren Laurent, who is also the founder of the company. Not convinced yet? Wall Street Journal, an international newspaper, even claimed Banc De Binary as a site that provides people to bet on the price of stocks, oil or gold. Isn’t that an amazing feat to have letting an international newspaper applaud a company?

There might be good reasons why you hear some traders slam Banc De Binary as a scam. Most of them fall on the group of people that did not get what they were expecting from the company itself. There are various reasons for this, but slamming the company to be a fraud is unfounded. You don’t have to worry about trusting your trade with Banc De Binary. The company is just one of the few binary options companies that have made it to the top, along with anyoption, TradeRush and 24Option. They share similar focus and specialized fields, in which you will never find it worrying that your money is being used elsewhere.

Wherever these rumors came from, they are not true. It may be used in a title to get your attention, when the content proves otherwise. Scammers are obvious from first glance, yet not all people are capable of noticing that. First of all, most scammers use a trading system as their way of luring innocent traders into joining their agenda. This is by introducing themselves in a video, telling the viewers that they got rich in just a few months and are sharing their secret with you.

They will even show you their team through the video, the ones that are behind the creation of the system and have found the algorithm capable of giving accurate predictions to your trade. You must have learned about this from somewhere or even met one? There are a lot of trading systems like this and even make bold claims that they are in partnership with Banc De Binary. There are only a handful of trading systems that Banc De Binary works with, and one of them is at binaryoptionrobot.com. If you want to create a new account, you have to do so directly to their official website, read more here.


Banc De Binary is licensed by CySEC in Cyprus, registered with CONSOB from Italy and FCA from United Kingdom.

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Why Banc De Binary Is Considered The Best in Binary Options Trading

Banc De Binary has long been in the binary trading business. If you trace their roots, they started back in 2010. This is why you see a lot of binary traders mentioning a lot about this company. Even if you make a simple search in Google, the search engine will immediately greet you with their official website at the top of the search rank and a definition of their operations.

Banc De Binary is a specialist in binary options and are dealing with various assets through it such as indices, stocks, foreign exchange and commodities.

The founder’s name is Oren Laurent and the company was founded back on the 15th of January, 2009 and headquarters at Limassol, Cyprus. Just from their experience alone, you can say that the company itself is something to be reckoned with. Although you will hear a lot of stories regarding Banc De Binary, you will never worry about being scammed.

But you hear scam with the company, right? This has something to do with the trading systems that make use of Banc De Binary’s name. If you have met a few trading systems recently, a number of these systems have been fooling binary traders into thinking that they can get accurate predictions with it. Such trading systems were claimed to be created by the best team and found the right pattern that made the wealthy really rich these days, especially when they are traders of binary options. If you are a trader of binary options, you know very well that predictions are all that matter with this kind of trade.

Predictions are never consistently right. Whenever you hear trading systems using the name of Banc De Binary, they are usually just using it for their own agenda.

There are a few trading systems that are in partnership with Banc De Binary. When you see a trading system that introduces you theirs through a video and mentions the company, avoid depositing money into it at all costs. If possible, create an account on the aforementioned link, including at the official website of the company.

Banc De Binary has upgraded their website recently and even added special offers and new promotions. Through these offers did they gather a lot of loyal customers and traders of binary options. The trading platform that they use is the SpotOption, which provides ladders, sixty second options, thirty second options and many other types of options. Traders are also given the ability to connect their trading account to ZuluTrade. New accounts are required to deposit a minimum of $250 at DBD and $1 for their minimum size for trade.

If you are wondering whether or not Banc De Binary is a scam or an illegal operation, this is not the case. They are regulated and authorized by CySEC or the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, with license number 188/13. They got their license back on the 7th of January 2013. They are also registered to UK’s FCA and Italy’s CONSOB.

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